"Apple Blossom is a very nice place for the aged. My father is a resident in memory care. The staff is very caring and attentive. He is always happy when I go to visit." Maureen W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Apple Blossom is a very lovely facility, very clean and tidy. I'd recommend this facility to anyone." Anonymous (aplaceformom.com)

Ellen M.

"Apple Blossom Senior Living is a newer facility. It's very clean. Everybody is very friendly. My parents are getting a one-bedroom with a living room, a kitchenette, and a very nice bathroom. It's very nice, clean, and spacious. The staff is very attentive. It was outstanding. The dining area is very nice and spacious." George (Caring.com)

"Apple Blossom was a delightful facility. The people and the facilities were just wonderful. I would have put my mom in there in a heartbeat, except it was just too much of a distance and was a larger footprint than what she could handle at this time. However, it was a beautiful place, it was, and the people were grand, and they have a lot of nice amenities. They have a restaurant that runs throughout the day so you can get your meals at any time, a movie theater, a beautiful courtyard, an exercise room, pub facilities, and a PT onsite, which I was interested in for my mom. They have gorgeous rooms too. It was so clean and well maintained. The staff who gave the tour was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the place was just so well thought out and well laid out. It was terrific." Sherry

"I moved in about 1 1/2 years ago due to health problems. I have met a lovely group of residents and we have gotten value with many activities, entertainment and one to one discussion. Staff very professional, kind, helpful and accommodating - they do an outstanding job. Facility is well decorated, well maintained." Linda S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

P. Mosly

"My aunt has been there close to a year and they are outstanding staff and everyone involved total thumbs up." Don B. 

"(Retired R.N.) A.B. is a great place to live! 'No cooking, no cleaning' as I say to anyone who's interested, touring, etc. I love the staff (all sincerely nice!) Food is great! I've made so many friends! Love Happy Hour. Beautiful apt. Great activities - loved the windfall of quarters when I have won!" Frances R., RN (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Beautiful facility with staff who really care about their residents. Apple Blossom truly feels like home." Emily T.

"Apple Blossom is a beautiful facility. The staff works very hard to make sure the residents are well taken care of and happy. Everyone is so welcoming, from the moment you first walk through the door. Anyone would be lucky to call this wonderful facility their home." Rebecca R.

"My mother-in-law is in Apple Blossom. It's homey. She has her own little apartment. The staff is very nice. It's just an all-around good fit for her. She really likes it there. She likes the entertainment that they have. They have people come in and sing and things like that. It's an extremely nice facility. The staff is very compassionate. It seems like they really care about the residents. She loves the food; she says it's extremely good. We were very impressed with this place, and it seemed like they were extremely compassionate, which is what we were looking for. So far, she really likes it. She loves the food, she likes the people, and she overall likes everything, it seems. That was our goal -- to make sure that she was well taken care of and that she was happy -- and that's where we are at." Kathy (Caring.com)

"I liked Apple Blossom a lot. It was very clean, it was simple, it wasn't glitzy at all, it was easy to get around and that's what I liked about it. I toured with the executive director and she was very nice and informative. They had a courtyard in the center. They do your laundry, and they transport you to the doctors. The amenities were great. I did not try the food, but the menu was good. It was very clean and very nice." Carol (Caring.com)

"My friend is currently at Apple Blossom. It's only a year old, so it's a brand-new community. Even though they are in quarantine, they are allowing the residents to go into their dining room, where only two people could eat at each round table. In the place where she stayed before, she had to stay in her room for nine months. All that time, she had her meals delivered to her room, so she never got out of it, and because of that she ended up being in a wheelchair.

She's been in Apple Blossom for two weeks now, and I like the fact that they were taking her out of her room. She also loves the food there. She said the food was really good and really wonderful with different menus. In the other place where she was, her breakfast was like a buffet. Everything was already cooked and already dried out by the time she got it. On her first morning in Apple Blossom, she went into the dining room, and they made her an omelet. She hadn't had an omelet for two-and-a-half years. And on her first night, they had spaghetti and chicken parmesan, and all kinds of good things. The dining room is open all day, and you can eat whenever you want to until 6:30; after that, you can have snacks anytime.

They are also allowing her husband in by appointment, and they have a special room for them to go to. He can stay half an hour, or if nobody else has an appointment, he can stay longer. I never saw her room, but I know it's tiny. It has a single bed and one little dresser where the TV is, but most of the day, she's out of her room. There is a sitting area where they have a receptionist, and I can call any time of the day. They will give her the phone, and then we'll talk, and that's nice because she had nobody to talk to before and just slept all day.

They have specially trained people for dementia. She's getting speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. I've never been in there, but I just know from her husband that they are always there to help her, talking to her and all that. He likes it, and he's the only one who has been there. He also said it's clean, and he likes the people because they are kind and come in to introduce themselves when they talk to her, and she's loving it. She's awake and alert now, and that's what I like about it." Norma J. (Caring.com)

"My mother is in Apple Blossom. We chose it because it was very clean and it's brand new. The staff is great and the food is very good. They have bingo, happy hour, sing-alongs, and cards. It's an outstanding facility. Everything about it is wonderful." Rosanne (Caring.com)

"My grandma recently moved into Apple Blossom Memory Care. My mom was a wreck moving her in...who could care for her as we would as a family? They put my mom's mind at ease, and as so, put mine at ease. Emily, the sales representative, went above and beyond to make the move-in easy and comforting. She is genuine and kind and not your typical sales person. Cheryl, the director, was very professional yet down to earth and showed us she truly understands what we are going through with Grandma. Mark, from maintenance, was two steps ahead it seemed, and eager to help the team in any way! Lastly, Brendan, Grandma's nurse, was charming and caring and Grandma smiled and was comfortable in his care. We as a family are truly happy with choosing Apple Blossom. From the bottom of my heart...thank you!!" Sara P. 

"My mom has been at Apple Blossom since January. She has made so many friends and the whole staff loves her. She’s happy, she’s healthy, and loves being there. It is such a relief for our family knowing how wonderful she is taken care of. At 96 ½, she’s more social than all of us! Blessed to have her at Apple Blossom is what I tell everyone. Thanks for a caring compassionate staff. Best of the best." Carol J.

"Just talked with Nana and she says she has gained 10lbs maybe more! Loves all the foods! Especially the Beef over Noodles and the Pot Roast. The only “complaint” is being Polish she just wants more sauerkraut! Every soup and desert she tries and hasn’t had a single complaint about any of them." Anonymous

"My mother-in-law has lived at Apple Blossom for almost a year (this is her second senior community). She loves the staff, the activities, and her beautiful surroundings. The staff has done an exceptional job to keep our family members occupied, engaged and safe during this terrible pandemic. We are grateful for the care." Anonymous

"Dad moved to Apple Blossom seven months ago and we are all happy he's at home there. We've visited friends since November, so we know the staff is very caring and attentive--so important! His apartment provides pleasant views of woods with deer and turkeys. Dad enjoys the wonderful food and we look forward to soon enjoying more delicious meals together. Engaging activities, including the theater, van trips and Big Band music during Happy Hour are among his favorites. The other residents are lively, wonderful friends to him and to us. Apple Blossom is everything we hoped for Dad and so much more!" Susan R. 

"I went to Apple Blossom, and the staff let me come in and I put on a mask. I actually sat there. It was an in-person visit, and it was a very good experience. They're very friendly and very accommodating. They're still following the rules of no visitation into these extended care facilities so I just decided not to do anything at this time. I watched it being built, so it's convenient for me because of where I live. It's nice, it's clean, everybody was friendly, and the parking was accommodating. Everybody had their masks on. They have the independent cottages when you come in, then they have a memory care building, which is a separate locked building for extra security and to stop wandering, and then they have the personal care/assisted living building. It's laid out very nice. They're excellent. The bedrooms should've been a little bit bigger. I think the bedrooms are too small for elderly people in possibly twin beds with walkers." Anonymous

"I visited this facility, and the staff let me come in with a mask. It was an in-person visit, and it was a very good experience. They're very friendly and very accommodating. They're still following the rules of no inside visitation into these extended care facilities, so I just decided not to do anything at this time. I watched it being built, so it's convenient for me because of where I live. It's nice, it's clean, everybody was friendly and the parking was accommodating. Everybody had their masks on. They have the independent cottages when you come in, then they have a memory care building, which is a separate locked building for extra security and to stop wandering, and then they have the personal care/assisted living building. It's laid out very nicely. They're excellent. The bedrooms could have been a little bit bigger, I think they may be too small for elderly people with walkers." PW

"The staff member at Apple Blossom was great and gave us a tour of one of the cottage style homes. They were very accommodating. The cottages were brand new and clean. The kitchen had updated appliances, and the size of it was nice. The fact that the cottages were brand new was the most appealing part." SW

"What a wonderful place for senior citizens to have a whole new group of friends. A staff who loves them. Social activities to enjoy, WONDERFUL meals and some[one] to keep an eye on them in their golden years. My mom is 95, moved in January 2020 and has loved every minute. If you're looking for the right place...this is it." Carol J.

"My mom passed in September and we [brought my dad to Apple Blossom] after Thanksgiving. So glad we did. Lots of activity and people to talk to. But most of all, I know he's safe." Debbie H.Y. 

"Wonderful meeting with the Admissions Director. She is great, and took time to understand my situation (relative to getting my friend out of a different community and into Apple Blossom). Beautiful property, lovely rooms and public areas! Kind, caring, enthusiastic staff! Loved Apple Blossom and know it would be a perfect place for my friend, Jan." Joni R. 

"What a warm and welcoming place. Very caring and attentive staff. Lots of great activities for residents with a lovely dining experience." Andrew A.

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